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Leather belt

Leather belt

It takes the artists a whole day to make and string one belt. Each belt is embroidered and sewn by hand with 100% glass beads. Traditional patterns make each piece unique.

Natural, durable cowhide is used for the exterior and goatskin for the soft lining. The solid brass buckle is cast by hand. The genuine glass beads are embroidered and sewn by hand, making each design unique. The belts are for both men and women and go very well with jeans, pants or jupes. All belts are 3.2 cm wide. Please specify the desired length and if necessary a different width.

The sketches serve as ideas. Thus, the original design always differs slightly from the drawn...


When you buy a leather belt, you support the art of the Maasai and our educational project for Maasai children in Kenya.


Beading is one of the oldest jewelry techniques of the Maasai. The Maasai women string the beads lovingly and carefully. They take their handwork very carefully and are always creating new shapes and designs. Each piece is unique. Therefore, the colors and patterns may vary a little from the photo.

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