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"Massai Art & Heart"

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The Maasai are originally a nomadic pastoral people in East Africa. Our association members have a big heart for the Maasai people and their outstanding, world-famous handicrafts. In the association, we put our heart and soul into the sale of Masai handicrafts in Switzerland. Our «Massai Art & Heart» -productions are made by women and are stylish, authentic and give the wearer a lot of pleasure.

With the purchase of Maasai products you support Maasai small producers on site and enable them a fair, regular income. With the sales proceeds and your donation, the association also supports meaningful educational projects in Kenya, which help to improve the living conditions of the ethnic minority of the Maasai.

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Maasai jewelry for a good cause

A minority is fighting for their territory

Who are the Maasai anyway? The term Masai stands for the "people who speak the Maa language". Today, the majority of the population lives in Kenya and partly in northern Tanzania. According to the last Kenyan census, around 1.2 million Maasai live in Kenya. In neighboring Tanzania, according to the “ Minority Rights” website, there were around 430,000 people. Nomadic shepherd peoples like the Maasai have been roaming Kenya for centuries. But since the British colonization in the 20th century, their land use rights have been severely restricted. The Maasai are still restricted in their freedom of movement through land sales, which continue to this day.


Supporting the Maasai is very simple

Since many Maasai can neither read nor write, they are often unable to represent their interests. Our association advocates the right to self-determination and education of this minority and wants to make the handicrafts of the Maasai and their culture better known in Switzerland. You can read more about the culture and way of life as well as the problems of the Maasais here .


Support our association with a membership , donation or by buying Masai handicrafts in the shop and strengthen Maasai women and promote the education of Maasai childern in Kenya.


Questions about the club or shop? Contact us

Association "Massai Art & Heart"
c / o Marleen De Heyn

Bahnhofstrasse 10a
CH-5722 Graenichen

Tel .: 0041 62 843 08 08

Mobile: 0041 79 509 01 92


Association and donation account: CH56 8080 8003 2410 3390 6

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