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About the Swiss association
"Massai Art & Heart"

Buy Maasai art for a good cause

"Massai Art&Heart" is an association under Swiss law based in Gränichen (AG). The association is politically and denominationally independent and was founded by the Swiss-Belgian Marleen De Heyn Huber and the Massai-Kenyan Santire Loldour in 2020. Santire Loldour lives in Switzerland and is an important "bridge builder" for the association to his old homeland Kenya and to the Maasai people. Santire Loldour says: "We Maasai have a magnificent cultural heritage and produce works of art that we can be proud of and that inspire us when we wear them in everyday life or on festive occasions. All of the fabrications - whether made from plants, glass beads, cotton, wood or stone - are intricately handcrafted by women with great attention to detail. »


Store and do good

The association "Massai Art&Heart" runs an online marketplace with the aim of selling handmade art products made by Massai women in Switzerland. A large part of the proceeds and donations to the association go to projects that benefit the Maasai minority in Kenya. And help is needed: In the Human Development Index, which is a reflection of the socio-cultural development of a country, Kenya is in the last third of the ranking.


Supporting the association and the Maasai is quite simple

An important goal of the association is also to inform the buyers in Switzerland about the outstanding culture and the social and economic situation of the Maasai. The association does not pursue commercial purposes and does not strive for profit. It lives on donations and contributions of all kinds.


Become an active or passive member with an annual contribution of 100/70 Swiss francs and make a donation for a good cause. We thank you very much for your interest and your generous support.

Our Postfinance account for donations via e-banking is: CH79 0900 0000 1549 0927 6.

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