The Maasai have a magnificent cultural heritage, works of art that they and we can be proud of and inspired by. All materials and productions are sustainable. All crafts, whether made of plants, glass beads, cotton, wood or stone, consist of precise, pure handwork. During many months of the year, the Maasai leave their home area and move to the coast of Mombasa to sell their valuable and high quality products to finance the livelihood of their family. Together with my Belgian-Swiss colleague, Marleen De Heyn Huber, I would like to build this cultural bridge between the Maasai and the Europeans.

Every Maasai artwork reflects the joy of life in Kenya.


With the trade of these valuable products we would like to help specifically and sustainably as well as contribute with passion and conviction to polish up the life existence of the Maasai and to bring the Flying Teachers to life. Personal contacts with the Maasai, whom we visit regularly, enable us to work closely together. Each production is delivered directly from the Maasai, without any intermediary trade, and a good part of the earnings also goes directly back to them, to finance their livelihood and education.

We hope we can inspire you with their culture, their beauty and their richness and share it with you. By creating a business that is crowned with success, we are benefiting the living situation of many Maasai families.


We are looking forward to dive with you into the wonderful cultural world of the Maasai.

Santire Loldour