Our project

Support educational projects for Maasai children in Kenya

The association "Massai Art & Heart" supports educational and corporate projects for Maasai in Kenya, which are financed through donations and product sales in Switzerland. The company leaves the operational implementation of projects to experienced and trustworthy local partner organizations on site.

Our educational project consists of bringing the Flying Teachers into being. Up to the eighth grade there is no fee for the school, but the books and uniforms have to be paid for, which is difficult for many Maasai families due to a lack of income. In addition, many children have a long, dangerous walk to school.

At home they should study for school, but they have to take care of the animals, which are the livelihoods of their families. This is why many children do not go to class.

With the Flying Teachers, children up to intermediate level can follow the lessons from home; the costs for the uniforms are eliminated, the costs for the books are covered by us. For the local small producers, the lessons given to the children are an enormous relief. They have more time to do their handicrafts.

The educational project should enable as many Maasai children as possible to enjoy an education in the village. Thank you for your commitment and for every donation that we can use on site! Thanks to my Masai-Kenyan colleague, who has direct connections on site, the donations from us flow directly into the educational project.

You too can support a school child in Kenya. Buy a lovingly handcrafted item from our shop or make a donation.!