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Necklace leather with Maasai pattern

Necklace leather with Maasai pattern

Wear your heart on your neck - a heart that supports the art of the Maasai and our education project in Lodungokwe, Kenya.

This elegant and chic necklace with traditional colors Daherwie refined and subtle combinations is a typical, beautiful piece of jewelry of the Maasai. You can simply "put" the hoop around your neck and fasten it with a hook. The bead embroidery is fixed on the back with Kenyan leather.

Dimensions: 3cm wide - pendant: 3cm long - 4-8cm wide.

Material: glass beads, recycled plastic wire, recycled brass, Kenyan leather.


Bead stringing is one of the oldest jewelry techniques of the Maasai. The Maasai women string the beads lovingly and carefully. They take their handwork very carefully and are always creating new shapes and designs. Each piece of jewelry is unique. Therefore, the colors and patterns may vary slightly from the photo.

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