Necklace with tassels

Necklace with tassels

Wear your heart around your neck - a heart that supports Maasai art and our education project in Lodungokwe, Kenya. This elegantly understated, handmade tassel necklace in subtle colors, with many beaded strands and colorful beads at the beginning as well as at the end of the tassel hangs low to the bottom of the chest and re-hikes your outfit to something special. Dimensions: 40 cm long. Material: glass beads, recycled plastic wire, recycled brass.


Bead stringing is one of the oldest jewelry techniques of the Maasai. The Maasai women string the beads lovingly and carefully. They take their handwork very carefully and are always creating new shapes and designs. Each piece of jewelry is unique. Therefore, the colors and patterns may vary slightly from the photo.


Available as a set with earrings or separately.

Also available in other colors.