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Jewelry boxes set of three

Jewelry boxes set of three

The simple jewelry boxes are equipped with shiny glass beads and belong to the original, unique handwork from the Maasai region of Kenya. The different colors have a playful effect, or unicolored they look noble. Your favorite piece of jewelry or your valuables will certainly find its favorite place in this box. Dimensions: small with lid: 3cm high, 6cm diameter, lid 1cm high - medium with lid: 4cm high, 7cm diameter - large with lid: 5cm high, 7cm diameter, lid 1cm high. You can choose the color yourself, so each box is unique, personally made for you.


By buying a jewelry box you support the art of the Maasai and our education project in Kenya.


Bead stringing is one of the oldest jewelry techniques of the Maasai. The Maasai women string the beads lovingly and carefully. They take their handwork very carefully and are always creating new shapes and designs. Each piece is unique. Therefore, the colors and patterns may vary slightly from the photo.

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